Gryph & Ivy Rose Organic Bathing Products for Baby and Kids

Jan 29 2019 0 Comments Tags: baby gift, featured, for kids, gift ideas, new, store news

We have found a bath line that is perfect for baby and kids, Gryph & Ivyrose. We have bath products and elixirs. Their detangler is amazing for long thick hair. The probiotics are delicious. You will love the ingredients are clean. Here is their story:

After seeking out what we thought were the most “natural” and “healthy” product offerings, we realized most options came up short in one department or the other. We wanted to craft a diverse product line that would support the body’s immune function, present high performance and lasting results as well as offer multiple ongoing regimens to address the different challenges our children face. Our commitment to enhancing children’s lives with wellness in a sustainable, accessible and prestigious way began and Gryph & IvyRose was formed.

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